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4 Sterne aus 44 Bewertungen
29 Jun 2021 um 14:53 essen war kalt, gemischt und alles durcheinander
13 Jun 2021 um 18:06 This is anything but Syrian food! I received two sandwiches that are ten years old; I puked immediately after I swallowed two bites. This place is disgusting by all means. If you care about your health and what you eat, never order from these people!
9 Jun 2021 um 12:18 I didn't get the order which i ordered. Very bad bread & soaked with oil. Packaging is bad, totally unexpected.
28 Mai 2021 um 13:17 Very bad and soaked with oil. I spent the night on the toilet seat. Never again.
6 Mai 2021 um 11:23 Food was delicious. Everything great!
17 Mär 2021 um 14:17 Fries need to be improved.